Toronto Sedation Dentist

Candidates for sedation dentistry are people who have fear or anxiety about dental treatments; those who have trouble getting numb, have an active gag reflex, or very sensitive teeth; or those who hate the shots, smells, noises and tastes associated with dental treatment. It is also effective for people who are embarrassed about their teeth, or who want to take care of multiple dental problems in just one visit.

You may be a candidate if you have:

Dental anxiety

a sensitive gag reflex

Dental phobia

a previous traumatic experience

extra sensitive teeth

hate noises, smells and tastes associated with dental care

hate needles and shots

need extensive work or multiple procedures at one time

have a very busy schedule

are embarrassed about your teeth

difficulty getting numb

difficulty keeping your mouth open

Toronto Sedation Dentist - Sleep Dentistry  

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